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Guidelines and best practices that promote a unified institutional identity and leverage Columbia's name, reputation, and trademarks in support of the University mission

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Columbia Design System is a collection of modular design elements meant to provide digital designers and developers with ready-to-use code that is responsive, accessible, and in keeping with University web development, design, security, usability, and identity guidelines.

The repository, available to all Columbia faculty, staff, and students, can be used on any Columbia digital project and includes:

  • Layout system
  • Browsable collection of patterns
  • Documentation of all elements
  • Examples of each element used in a project

About Columbia Design System


University groups collaborated to build this system: Columbia University Information Technology, Office of Communications and Public Affairs, and Columbia Creative.

We’re always looking for partners; learn how to contribute to the system.


A pattern library of modular digital components, layouts, design elements, and styling that is responsive, accessible, secure, on-brand, and platform-agnostic.

Current version: 1.0


It’s free. Columbia Design System complies with University branding, development, security, and accessibility policies. Utilizing it means saving time and money on design, development, branding, and user testing. And it’s so much easier than starting from scratch.

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Ask us to create an identity for your office, department, or research center. Free to those on the Morningside campus.


Design Services

Contact Columbia Creative for design services.

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Request permission to use the Columbia identity on merchandise or non academic items.


Rights and Permissions

Find out who to ask about using the University identity on your conference poster or other academic project.


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Order letterhead, business cards, or other stationery getting expert advice on design and free branding services.


Email the team at designsystem@columbia.edu.